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Spark Analytics is your operations manager’s new best friend. The operations module collects and analyzes location-specific data to create actionable recommendations to share with associates at each of your locations. Our proactive solution helps you increase margins and reduce shrink with a single, easy-to-use system.
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Food Service

Improve communications, improve margins and reduce food costs with one system.  Spark Analytics takes your location-based data with industry benchmarks and crafts attainable goals and recommendations based on your specific requirements. These recommendations are then delivered to associates and monitored to ensure action is taken to improve your gross margin.
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Food Service

Improve your gross margin by maximizing your sales and optimizing your inventory.

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Food Service

Manage labor, food costs and cash to serve up a better bottom line.

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Spark Analytics helped identify operational process issues that were costing more than half a million dollars per year.
Chris McDonald, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention at Compass Group

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Spark Analytics is:

  • Easily Managed

    Easily Managed

  • Easily Shared

    Easily Shared

  • Cloud Based

    Cloud Based

  • Algorithmic


  • Quickly Deployed

    Quickly Deployed

A Few of Our Clients

Customers across the globe rely on Spark Analytics for ground-level visibility into their daily operations.

  • Supervalu
  • Compass
  • Ahold
  • Boots
  • Ruby Tuesday