The Birth of Spark Analytics

12.04.2015 by Ken Claflin

Spark Analytics has undergone a major transformation over the past nine months. We have evolved from our beginnings as the pioneer in Retail Exception-Based Reporting, helping clients gain visibility to and improve loss prevention metrics.

As technology changed, we expanded our service into the food service space, and added features such as video monitoring, cloud-based hosting, and robust query capabilities.

Over the years, our company name has changed, but our goals have stayed the same: Helping retail and food service providers improve their operations through field-based insights. Our in-store solution has been, and remains data driven, which now includes customized views and recommendations built from customers’ historical data, along with our algorithms for predictive analytics.

Our rebrand decision was influenced by our drive to refocus and update our product offering. Today’s managers are on the go more than ever before, and we wanted to make our application accessible and easy to use on any device. We also wanted to focus on creating new, predictive analytics, to help our customers make better, more informed, fact based, business decisions that drive gross margin dollars to their bottom line.

Thus, Spark Analytics was born. Our new name and logo represent our modernized, mobile-optimized retail and food service analytics solution, that provides customers with actionable and impactful insights into their business. We want to “Spark” fact-based thoughts and curiosity into our customers’ operations, helping them gain visibility and make more informed decisions, like they’ve never had before.

So….what’s new in our solution?

Well, we’ve been supremely busy the last few months! Here’s are a few key product updates we’ll be releasing at the end of the year:

  1. Mobile-Optimized Platform - We know this is key to our field-based managers who rely on their daily/weekly notifications. Managers will now be able to access their opportunities straight from email or text notifications on their phone, close the notification, and be on their way.
  2. World-Class User Experience - Along with our mobile-optimized experience, we have made an overhaul of the user experience, from the dashboards, all the way down to the field-based notifications. Our goal is to make it easier for you to view where anomalies exist in your operations, and take swift actions to improve your four wall profitability.
  3. Enhanced Analytics – Including an expanded and comprehensive retail and food service KPI library, expanded data models that fully support retail and food service operations, and significant enhancements to our opportunity targeting algorithms using proprietary R-based algorithms.

We also have an exciting product roadmap and release schedule for 2016, in which we’ll continue to expand the depth and breadth of our Operations Execution module, as well as our Test & Learn Module which helps both marketing and merchandising professionals test new products and promotions before rolling out live campaigns.
As you can see, we’re pretty excited here, and we hope you will be too.

 Take a look for yourself, and experience the new Spark Analytics!


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